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Each year thousands of homes across the United States are foreclosed upon. The statistics are shocking, and they reveal that the majority of homeowners simply do not understand their mortgages or what they can do to keep from being foreclosed upon. The truth is that there is a lot a person can do to avoid foreclosure, but many homeowners are either unaware of the procedures or they simply believe that their situation is beyond salvation. Regardless, when foreclosure is imminent, there are ways to protect homeowners and it begins with hiring a foreclosure attorney.

Without a foreclosure attorney, a homeowner is certainly less aware of their legal rights, and more times than not, the homeowner will just surrender. However, with an attorney, the homeowner not only has options, but also an opportunity to save their home. An attorney can delay the foreclosure process, while giving the homeowner the chance to remain in that home for months or years without paying the mortgage. Additionally, an experienced foreclosure attorney can challenge the lender and make them prove that they have the right to foreclose. Foreclosure litgiation is a complicated process and it is important that a homeowner have an experience attorney on their side with the knowledge to fight the foreclosure. 

Choosing a foreclosure attorney is an important decision. The DeWitt Law Firm has years of extensive experience in protecting homeowners from the dangers and penalties of foreclosures, and our attorneys impose decades of knowledge and compassion in walking borrowers through the entire foreclosure experience.

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Thirty-nine percent of Florida’s 231,378 homes that are in some stage of foreclosure are vacant, according to a recent RealtyTRAC foreclosure inventory analysis. The nationwide percentage of vacant foreclosed homes is 35 percent. RealtyTRAC looked at different measures for its first foreclosure...

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The DeWitt Law Firm has been serving Orlando and Central Florida for more than 25 years. Our experienced attorneys at the DeWitt Law Firm practice in the areas of real estate, foreclosure and commercial litigation. Our team will use their experiences as real estate litigators to help clients resolve their mortgage foreclosure problems.
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